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SWAP Associates Limited (SAL) is a diversified Company incorporated in June 1996 that commenced operations in 2001 under a registered business name SWAP Technologies & Telecomms (which was later incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2003) to carry on business of trading and investment activities in various sectors of the economy. SWAP has played a significant development role in the West African telecoms sector since the opening up of the sector in 2001.

Over the years SWAP has been very consistent in living up to her strategic thrust. It has consistently differentiated itself as a first class organization in the industry as evidenced by its track records and corporate performance. SWAP is diversifying into other sectors of the economy in view of the recent economic reforms and privatization of public companies. It presently has four subsidiaries. SWAP Mobile Limited, SWAP Energy Limited, SWAP Engineering & Project Limited and SWAP Logistics Services Limited...more »


What Do We Do?

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SWAP Telecoms
The Unit provides full Turnkey solutions and services for both operators and cell site builders. As authorized agent of major manufacturers in Europe, Asia & South Africa...more »
SWAP Engineering
SWAP Engineering & Projects Management Limited is primarily involved in the installation of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) for Telecommunication and Broadcast Industries in Nigeria...more »
SWAP Logistics
Traditional wireless telecommunications operators and broadcasters in Nigeria built, owned and operated their own network of towers, sites...more »
SWAP Energy
SWAP Energy is a subsidiary of Swap Technologies and Telecoms Plc not Swap Associates. The other arms are also subsidiaries of Swap Technologies and Telecomms Plc and not Swap Associates. ..more »




Major Clients

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